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B.S. in Physiological Science

Driving Discovery in Physiology

Are you interested in pursuing an education and career in medicine or one of the other health professions such as physical therapy, optometry, pharmacology, or dentistry among others, or perhaps industrial biotechnology or biomedical research is your passion? Are you interested in a career in one of the fields of public health or health science teaching? Or are you simply curious about how the human body functions and wonder where the educational preparation we offer can take you?

Physiological Science is the only major and academic discipline which provides an education that spans levels of biological organization from genes and gene networks, to molecular mechanisms of cell function, to cell and tissue organization and function, and to whole system level physiology. Elective courses in our curriculum provide the opportunity to customize and to tailor your program to meet your aspirations and to follow your educational goals and interests. Review our curriculum and feel free to reach out and contact our Undergraduate Counselor/Student Affairs Officers or relevant faculty if you have questions.