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Departmental Honors Program

If you are very involved in experimental research with a UCLA faculty member, consider working towards the Departmental Honors program distinction. Complete the following program requirements, and be a distinguished scholar within your major.

Program Requirements:

1. Earn a 3.5+ GPA in the major by graduation

a. Includes PS 107, PS 111A, PS 111B, PS 111L, 3 PS Electives and Chem 153A

2. Honors credit in PS 111A or PS 111B

a. Can overlap with the College Honors program requirements

3. Complete PS 198A/B with a UCLA faculty member in the senior year

a. Letter grade is given at the end of 198B
b. 8 units can be used as two PS elective for the major

4. Participate in the Undergraduate Poster Session in May to present your research for 198A/B

a. Awards available for the top 3 posters (cash prizes when available)

Contact the Undergraduate Counselor for more information:

Inna Gergel
125 Hershey Hall